We’ve built up a number of great industry connections that we’d like to share with you, so feel free to explore the links below.

  • Outback Sleepers – Long lasting, Durable, Attractive, Termite and Rot Proof. Gr8 Walls is a recommended Outback Sleepers wall builder.
  • Red Gum Timber & Fencing – Fencing and Landscaping Supplies for Contractors and Weekend Warriors
  • RW Steel – RW STEEL is Melbourne’s best value steel retaining wall beam supplier we buy in bulk so you save.
  • Boral – Take some time to browse the Boral Range of Products. We can work with you to make your dream become a reality.
  • Tetra Wal – GR8Walls uses and recommends the TetraWal Retain Wall System. TetraWal gives a very affordable option in most situations.
  • John Macey Surveying – For accuracy and peace of mind. We use and recommend John Macey surveying.
  • Permathene Australia – Permathene Pty Ltd was founded in Australia in 2000 and has progressed to specialising in gabions as well as environmental engineering products including high performance geomembranes for horticulture, agriculture and mining, baffle curtains for waste water treatment plants, erosion control fabrics, geotextile de-watering tubes, etc.
  • Outdoor Timber – At Outdoor Timber, we are committed to offering a quality range of services and products to you as a prospective or existing customer. We have a full range of Outdoor Timber Products and widely distribute our products within Australia.
  • Grass-Cel – Grass-Cel® has been manufacturing Porous Turf Paving Blocks for the past 35 years. They are the original Manufacturer which introduced Grass-Cel® to Australia.